Monday, November 17, 2008

the chick and the diving bell. glamour and all that.
tissue paper, oil, felt, thread, paper, pencil on wood.

i paint to paint to paint. my feet walk to walk to walk.
no no.
I see things on my walk. they talk they talk they talk.
acrylic and oil on wood.
collector: kristin gratton

the funny thing. I accidentally smashed this skull after it blew those hearts at me!
the magical imp. my muse. her lovely beauty a thing to ponder.
she she she she

there is something very feminine about these lemons...hmmm... maybe it's because they look like two breasts? ha.
i have painted twenty different paintings with one plastic lemon. everytime I see something new. how can that be from a silly plastic lemon?

the chicken and the pomegranate are thinking.
this painting started out as a an awful still life of a pomegranate. then I came across a picture I took of my mom's chickens. they met and never insulted me again.
collector: robert fontenot