Saturday, March 14, 2009

the wild roam

where is it that the wild creatures roam? she inhabits a house in dreary old city looking to run amongst the dead.

the constant self portrait.

i think this will be a painting i work on forever. i have to reinvent it seems like everytime i look at it. this time, a bit roccoco with a real cheesy appeal but i like that it's cheesy. i really do not like the way it looks but i like the way it feels. whispy gone with the wind hair and a nothing-but-typical green blue sky background, just that gives it what i want. over complicated simplcity that really isn't simple at all.
the outside turns to inside. i like that. the trasitional black and white stripe wall leads to a still life too common to pass.
maybe this is more like me than i thought. cheesy simple over complicated and over emotional. but it will change again. i need to simplify it even more.