Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In this very large painting (eight feet by six feet) by David Hage and myself entitled Etalupinam Em that we collaborated on in 2007, my eyes are drawn into the over crowded dark pink world. Although flat, it possesses a landscape feel devoid of perspective and embellished with liberal paint strokes. One of my favorite collaborations to date.
The work was created with a house paint background and a multitude of acrylic and oil paints for the subject. A cheap alternative to the fancy primer paints at one's art supply store, in my opinion just as workable and utilitarian. (Although archival quality may suffer)
David Hage is known for his creepy faces dripped with wide-eyed emotion and abstract figurism and for using his signature as an aesthetic- incorporating it directly into the composition.
Our painting styles have merged into a disasterous eden. As David would move across the canvas with unabashed lines and figues, I would follow as if picking up his bread trail, covering up what I thought to be excessive and encouraging what I found pleasing.
The three figures are a triage of difference. One tall and intimidating, looking directly at the viewer while another figure has become the abdomen balled into the fetal position and seeking the warmth of the other's confidence. The third figure, a dog or pet of some kind with a similar confrontational look yet dumbed down by the stature.
The composition looks to be divided into three with the left side devoid of a figure, our emotional intersts lay in the human two thirds.
Proud to be a pink painter.

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