Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Venture Into Stoicism

A mixed media painting done in 2006 entitled Requiem for Ary.
Here is where I has started incorporating the black figures in the background. They were either coming or going, human or not human, it really does not matter. They are a interpretation of the distance I felt to the two figures in the foreground. Although they are almost entwined, they could not be further apart. A blank stare from the feminine figure and a faceless devourer of prudence from the male figure, give a sense of loneliness within their strange world.
A poem that was inspired from the painting:
In sobriety,
One feels the strength to ignore the tapping of
the past upon the oak door of conscience
Whirlwind tortuous provocative affair enraptured a being for so
long-how unhealthy one was-how destroyed one has become
from the play of words
And the distance of a tainted presence.

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